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Features MA Generator

  • Allow real-time continuous QC

    Moving average (MA) QC allows real-time continuous QC; fast detection of critical errors in between scheduled QC.

  • Manageable number of alarms

    The major requirement of the moving average (MA) optimization method. Control limits that fulfill these requirements are automatically generated.

  • True insight in error detection performance

    Simulation of moving average error detection is performed on laboratory data and presented in MA Validation charts to validate your MA QC

About MA Generator

  • MA Generator: Manageable number of false MA alarms

    MA Generator supports the MA optimization procedures that was described by Huub van Rossum and Hans Kemperman(1, 2). The major MA requirement of this method was a manageable number…
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  • MA Generator: Background

    A major challenge associated with the implementation of Moving Average QC is getting your laboratory specific optimized settings. Most laboratories have software available that…
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  • MA Generator: Simulating MA error detection

    After obtaining MA control limits, the MA error detection is investigated by simulating detection of systematic error by MA. This is performed by introducing various systematic…
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  • MA Generator: MA Validation chart

    After selection of the optimal MA procedure, a more overall estimate of the error detection properties (validation of error-detection performance) can be obtained by MA Validation…
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  • 01 Moving Average in daily practice - results from a prospective trial

  • 02 MA optimization using bias detection curves

  • 03 Moving average for continuous QC

  • 04 Interview with Hans Kemperman (in Dutch)

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