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Purpose of processing personal data Huvaros BV shall only process personal data through this website if a visitor provides information for Huvaros to contact them, using the contact form on this website.

Grounds for processing personal data Huvaros BV processes data on the following basis: ‘Consent of Data Subject’. As a data subject you grant us explicit permission to use your data by entering it in a contact form. At all times you have the right to retract your consent.

Providing personal data to Huvaros The data subject (person) is not required to submit personal data to Huvaros BV.

Categories and sources of personal data Huvaros BV may obtain personal data through the following source on our website: • Contact form: Name, E-mail address, telephone number

Sharing personal data with third parties Huvaros BV will not share personal data obtained through this website with other parties.

Retention time of personal data If you provide us with personal data to allow Huvaros to contact you, we will retain your information for a maximum of 4 weeks after contact/correspondence has ended or the application process to work for Huvaros has ended. If you explicitly consent when you submit the information, we may store information for a longer period in our customer management system.

Rights of data subjects You have the right to request access to your personal data and to request correction and limitation of use of your personal data. You may also request us to provide any data we may have in a common, structured machine-readable format so that you can provide your personal information to another data responsible party. You may also object to use of your personal information and make a request to have your personal information removed.

Contact information You may direct questions about this privacy statement and the processing of personal data to Huvaros BV. You may contact us using the information below. A request for access, correction, limitation, data-portability and/or removal of personal data may be sent via E-mail ( We may request you to identify yourself to verify that you are the data subject that the data pertains to.

Huvaros BV.

Complaints If you have a complaint about the way Huvaros processes personal information you may direct these complaints to Huvaros BV via the contact information listed above. As a data subject, you also have the right to file a complaint with the appropriate governing authority.

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