MA Generator: Manageable number of false MA alarms

MA Generator supports the MA optimization procedures that was described by Huub van Rossum and Hans Kemperman(1, 2). The major MA requirement of this method was a manageable number of false MA alarms. When an unmanageable number of MA-alarms would be obtained the whole fundament of this QC instrument would be lost due to alarm fatigue. As a consequence when an MA alarm occurs proper follow-up should be required.

To fulfill this requirement the next procedure is followed: A dataset of historically obtained laboratory assay results representing proper assay function (no out-of-control issues) and long enough time frame (1-3 months) of results are used as starting point. The order of the obtained results is maintained in order to mimic the laboratory specific MA profile or "MA fingerprint". Next MA control limits are automatically based on the minimum and maximum MA value observed when a MA was run on this dataset.

MA Generator automatically performs this for all MA procedures, though manual adjustments to the control limits can always be made when considered necessary.

*1] van Rossum HH, Kemperman H. A method for optimization and validation of moving average as continuous analytical quality control instrument demonstrated for creatinine. Clin Chim Acta 2016; 457:1-7

2] van Rossum HH, Kemperman H. Optimization and validation of moving average quality control using bias detection curves and moving average validation charts. Clin Chem Lab Med 2017; 55(2): 218-224 *

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